Special Pigs... Need New Digs!

We try to match applicants to the pig that fits you to ensure a happy ending!
See our " Adoption Process" below. Please see all of our wonderful pigs looking for their forever homes at Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet for the most up to date pigpets that need new homes!
(Pictures below may not be updated on a regular basis but we try to rotate them regularly.)

If you are would like more information on any of the pigs needing a new forever home, please Contact Us and we will get back to you promptly!

Thank you for your interest in adopting!
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Our Adoption Process:
We do have an adoption process as we are a 501(c)(3) rescue, registered and approved by our city and county shelters... If you are interested in any pig needing a home, please complete our Adoption Application and we will happily get started!
Our Adoption Process Outline:
1)  After we receive either form, it will give us a starting point on what your expectations are for bringing a pig into your family.  If you have any of our specific pigs in mind, some questions may not apply.  It looks extensive but we do try to match each pig with it's perspective home.
2 )  We will then setup a home check.  This not only helps us know where the pig will live, but also that it will be safe once it goes to it's new home.  If any recommendations, we will assist you with any necessary arrangements. 
3)  Once we find a match, we ask for a $100 (adults) - $200-250 (piglets) adoption donation fee.  This by no means covers our vet/spay/neuter costs, but it does show a willingness to spend the necessary money your pigpet will require in the future and gives you a vested interest in your new family member!   VegasPigPets does graciously accept and and all additional donations to cover the additional costs of vetting these pigs that need homes so badly!
4)  Once we bring your pig into your home, we require a signed Adoption Agreement (example) that basically says that you will return the pig to us should the adoption not work out and you will keep us updated as to it's progress in becoming a part of your family.  We may do at up to 2 home followups in the first year you adopt the pig to insure you are not having behavioral problems and the whole household is getting along well!  We are here for guidance and education and will always be available for the life of that pig should you need us!  It seems like an extensive process but we want you to know all the pros and cons before bringing home a pig so you can commit that 15 - 20 years your pig will require of you and your family!
MICROCHIPPING YOUR PIG:  VegasPigPets has implemented an across the board microchipping program and will be chipping all rescue pigs that comes through VegasPigPets.  This serves two purposes: 1)  If that pig ever gets picked up again, here or anywhere, they can be tracked back to us, and 2)  To cross state lines, a pig must be "permanently" identified and this was the most painless, permanent way to fulfill that federal requirement.  If you are interested in getting your own pig microchipped, please contact us.  We offer a low cost pre-paid AVID friendchip system that will always ensure your pigpet can be returned home safely! 
THE TEACUP PIG CRAZE HAS STARTED AGAIN!  PARIS HILTON BOUGHT ONE AND RUMOR HAS IT THAT SHE HAS SAID IT'S NOW 500 LBS! (Now we now he can't be that big, but if you were expecting a 50 lb pig, it may seem like you now have a 500 lb pig! Actually he's about 100+ lbs, see his updated picture on our "teacup page"!)  HOW DO YOU GET A TEACUP PIG?  INBREED THE SMALLEST PIGS UNTIL THEY ARE UNHEALTHY AND SMALL!  STARVE IT, LIKE ANYTHING YOU COULD STARVE, IT WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GROW PROPERLY! Have you seen starved humans in 3rd world countries?  Same principal! Please click Here to understand what you are buying!  There is no breed called a "teacup pig" or a "dandie pig" and these pigs will NOT end up small, it's just genetics!  Where do they end up?  With us!  Why would you pay up to $4500 to get an inbred and unhealthy pig that will only live a few years and cause many many vet bills?!!!  We hope you will seriously consider adopting a pig as a pet as there is such a serious overpopulation of pigs that need good homes.  When people buy a piglet, they are told the parents are only "30 -50 lbs"!  Well, did you know pigs can breed as young as 3 months old?  Of course, mama pig will be 30 lbs!  Be very wary of breeders that are not registered with an Association of PBPig Breeders as backyard breeding is the number one reason we end up placing unwanted pigs!  And also, 99% of the time, the piglet is NOT spayed or neutered!  Again and again, I cannot say this enough... an unfixed pig does NOT make a good pet!  So if a breeder, pet shop, store, any seller that doesn't want to spay/neuter that pig or piglet, you already know that you should not buy it!  A piglet can be fixed at 6 weeks old so if they tell you that they are too young to be fixed, buyer beware! Clark County just passed a new law that requires piglets to be sold at a minimum 8 pounds!  Any piglet can be spayed or neutered at 8 lbs!

We are not trying to scare you and hope you will seriously consider adopting a pig as a pet as there is such a serious overpopulation of pigs that need good homes. But, please do your research to understand what you are buying as pigs are NOT dogs and have specialized needs that every pig, no matter what the size, needs!  Remember that pigs NEED to Root & Dig and time to just be a PIG!  
Thank you for your interest in learning more about proper ownership of a pig and our pigs thank you, too!  Please feel free to contact us for any further information or if you have more questions!  Education is key to a lifetime commitment of these intelligent animals!   Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! 

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