These are just a few examples of pigpets VPP has proudly placed or helped!  A Huge Thoinks to All of you who networked and helped us find special homes for all pigpets in need!

Pumba came to VPP on an illegal breeding and zoning violation.  It was soon found out that Pumba had Glaucoma and had to have his eyes removed.  Miracles do happen and a wonderful family, 2000 miles away, stepped forward and wanted to adopt a second pig!  He was so sweet and so calm, even his surgery refused to keep this wonderfully happy boy down!  He took the almost 2000 mile road trip to his new home in MS on December 17th, 2012!  There is a perfect home out there for every pig!  We just give them refuge until that home can be found!
Peyton and Maggie have been successfully transported to their new forever home at  Pig-a-Sus Homestead Sanctuary in Mack, CO and are settling in just fine! More Thoinks to Best Friends, in Kanab, Utah, has also stepped up to help us in transporting the two girls to their new home!  See our full story attached...
May 2009, what a wonderful ending!  Click here to see our update on Peyton, Maggie and Toias attached!

Please spay/neuter your pig pet!  Always keep in mind that an unfixed pig does NOT make a good pig pet and you never know if you may have to give them up one day, don't make it the shelter's problem! 
Prevent an unwanted Litter... Fix Your Critter!

Cowboy was only 1 year old but his mom was killing him with food.  His belly was dragging on the ground and with a family illness, they could not see how obese they were making him.  After 3 months with us and a strict diet, he has happily lost so much belly and has found a new wonderful home! There is a perfect home for every pig!

The note said, My name is Charley, I'm a "Teacup Pig" and he could not go with us... Left on the doorstep of a PetSmart, in the freezing cold, in a metal crate, he was small and starved.  The nice employees took him in, found a family to take care of him but with 7 dogs that wanted at this little guy (please always supervise your dogs with pigs... predators/prey, not always a good combo!)  So we were called in and with 70 requests for him because he was a "teacup pig", we had a dilema!  THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A TEACUP PIG PEOPLE!  www.teacuppig.info, please do your research!  The only way you can keep a pig (or any animal, even a human) small is to STARVE THEM!  Don't ever get a pig for it's small size please because this is where they end up!  But, after many applications and home checks, we finally found the right fit!  All the way in Mojave Valley, AZ, so off we drove and now Charley is a "normal" sized miniature (not teacup) potbelly pig! 

On October 1st, 2010, we drove Alabama 800 miles (one way) to her new home in Byers, CO and was happy as a pig in a blanket there!  She went through 6 homes before she got to us but was still so sweet we knew there was a special family out there for her!  She was vetted, vaccinated, spayed and wormed and we finallly got her cleared to make the long day and a half journey to Byers!  She is now happy with her new best friend, Banjo, and gets to sleep in the house which was a requirement!  Good luck Bammie, you're a special pig and we all knew it!  We just had to find that special family!
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