Considering Surrendering your Pig?

Considering surrendering your potbelly pig? 
If so, please read this first:
"The Cost of Pig Rescue". 
If you feel you have no other choice, we require your pig be
spayed or neutered, and a surrender donation of $200 to help us
offset the cost of the vet check, vaccinations, worming, housing and placing your pig.  They also need to be tame as it is already hard emotionally for any pig to lose it's home
so an unsocial pig becomes an unplacable pig. 

We are not able to take in any new pigs right now but
we can help by doing courtesy listings and networking for you on Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet.  VegasPigPets will be strictly educational and behavioral support but please feel free to contact us for ideas
on how we can help!

Potbelly Pigs are said to be one of the most intelligent of all creatures, right behind humans, monkeys, dolphins and whales!  Sometimes misunderstood, owners feel they need to find them new homes and aren't willing to understand their needs. 
Through education, most owners and their pigpets live a very long, happy life together and that is the best we can ask for!  If you need any help or guidance with ideas or behavior issues or have any questions about your pig, please complete
Contact Form and a volunteer will get back to you right away!
We offer FREE education services for understanding and training your pig! 

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